Kekova Daily Boat Tours;
It is a full-day tour with dinner on the boat, organized by our agency, where you can see the most important places to see in Kekova, as a group.

Tour Program;
Our boat departs from Üçağız Village port at 10:45 and takes 20 minutes. After a journey of 40 minutes in Aquarium Bay. We give our first swimming break and offer you tea and biscuits. 10 minutes after the aquarium bay. After the voyage, we see the Tersane bay, one of the historical bays of Kekova island, and then we show the Kekova Island Sunken City. After the sunken city is shown, we go to our second 40-minute swimming break in Burç bay. We go to Hamidiye Bay for our fourth swimming break and stay here for 40 minutes. After we take our meal, we see and photograph the Blue Cave and stay here for 40 minutes. We give you time, in this free time you can visit the historical Simena Castle, walk to the sarcophagus in the water and explore the village. Don't forget to taste the famous homemade ice cream. After this break at Simena Castle, we give our last half-hour swimming break in Üçağız Straits and end our tour, and return to the port at approximately 17:30.
For our guests who miss the tour time and are late, we have a free shuttle service from the port to the boat, so you, our dear guests, do not worry about being late.

Lunch menu:
Salad / Yogurt Pasta / Bulgur Pilaf with Vegetables / Potato Peas / Chicken Barbecue
Since the number of people on this tour is sold until the departure time of the boat, the exact number is not known until that hour.