In an activity where you will have the best time in Kekova, you will have the opportunity to catch a variety and size of fish that you have never caught before in the fertile waters of the Mediterranean.
We are sure that you will experience the most beautiful and adrenaline-filled moments of angling with us. You will not have any other thoughts in your mind while hunting certain fish species in our region. Those who are keen on fishing know that this is the greatest cure for stress, this enjoyable pursuit. You will enjoy watching the extraordinary beauties of Kekova and its surroundings, its hills and bays covered with pine trees, while hanging your fishing line in the sea.

When you feel the power of the fish at the end of your fishing line and start the fight, you will see how a real struggle will be. The pleasure you will get while watching the fish you take on the boat will remain as the most beautiful moments of your holiday. Are you ready for a natural and enjoyable challenge with the fishing methods specific to the region?

What fish can you catch?

Here are the fish you would like to catch the most according to the season; Akya, Sarıkuyruk (both are called Lamb in the region), Grouper, Sinarit, Lahoz, Written Tuna, Toric, Bonito, Barracuda (Skarmoz), Mercan, Zargana. Especially catching Akya, Sarıkuyruk (Kuzu) Grouper, Lahoz and Sinarit fish with their weights varying between 5-40 kg will give you a full adrenaline explosion.

What should we bring with us when we come on a fishing tour?

- 200 gr Jig, 9 – 11 cm, long metal beak bottom rapaler. (Dip rapalas can dive between 4 and 9 m., without lead weight, thanks to their long beaks, while making the back. 10 pieces, 4.0 triple hooks for use in the preparation of Akya Oltası.

- Also, for Coast Guard Controls, T.C. You must have your Identity Document with you.

- If you have to use water, biscuits and/or sandwiches, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, towel, medication, if you are extremely uncomfortable with the sun, a thin sweatshirt is the best clothing to protect you from the sun.

- Food and drink if going on a full-day tour.

Acorn and Leer we will use in hunting; Whirlwind Machine and Rod, their fishing gear and you will use when making Jig; Jig machine and Rods.

You can bring your own machine, rod and fishing gear, suitable for big fishing, that you want to use in your fishing tour, for testing purposes.

NOTE: Please do not bring alcoholic beverages with you.